For 48 Hours we'll match any funds donated to $10,000!

Don Staniford, prominent aquaculture opponent, is being taken to court in a defamation lawsuit launched by Mainstream alleging that Don's comparing the open aquaculture industry comparing farmed salmon to tobacco companies is unfair and that it has damaged their brand. 

As fishermen and lodge owners we fully appreciate the hard work and volunteerism of all those that have put their lives on the line for the conservation of wild Pacific salmon.  Don is one of those heroes who have made a difference in this fight.  Like more than 20,000 others on Alex Morton's petitions(Click here to join now) we believe BC's coast is a sacred place and that salmon are the backbone of what makes BC special.  Wild salmon migration corridors for Canadian and US salmon are no place for farmed salmon feedlots; they place wild salmon and wild places at undue risk to parasites, viruses, pollution, escaped salmon.  We also believe that it is particularly senseless to harvest our oceans so that we can feed fish fish to make less fish.  Yup that part sounds as silly as it is.  It is time for all fishermen to stand up for wild salmon while we can. 

Lower Dean River Lodge
, Steelhead Valhalla Lodge, Suskeena Lodge and Sweetwater Travel have agreed to equally match any funds up to $10,000 total to help fund Don Staniford's lawsuit against Mainstream Canada for the next 48 hours from any recreational sportfishing lodge, fishermen or those that feel wild Pacific salmon are an iconic species that simply must not be compromised.   

Now is the time to get out your wallets and stand together for salmon.  Please click here to make your donation now!  

Thanks for all that you do.
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